Underwater Navigation


A primary skill that all military divers require for open water diving and swimming is the ability to navigate under water. The process of maintaining orientation and getting around in the dark and sometimes murky underwater world can be tricky, but essential!

A US Navy SEAL or other military combat swimmer has to get from “point A” to “point B” covertly and quickly. There are no street signs and no markers, so they rely entirely upon their compasses, depth gauges and instinct. Surprisingly, the technology these military divers use is very basic. All a combat swimmer has in his hands to navigate is a compass and a dive watch.

The combat swimmer navigates by knowing how far he can travel underwater in a designated time frame. For example, after extensive training he knows that a certain number of kicks will propel him a certain distance in a designated time frame. His underwater watch becomes a primary tool.

By using an old style of navigation called “dead reckoning” a diver utilizes his compass bearing, speed and distance traveled as necessary tools to calculate his destination. This is a serious skill set as they may enter an enemy harbor as part of their “Mission Profile” and a good swimmer can navigate hundreds of meters and actually hit their target within a few feet.

Thus, a navigation board that includes a compass, dive watch and the depth gauge becomes the ultimate navigation tool. Without these instruments, swimming at night, in poor visibility, or in currents and heavy surges becomes nearly impossible and dangerous.

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