September 2013


RJE Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the best way to effectively notify first responders of an aquatic incident. When RJE purchased the Safety Turtle product line in 2012, we recognized the need for a commercial system that would alert the front desk or office if the life guard is in the water!

The Aquatic Incident Alert System (AIA) does exactly that. It is an “easy to use” system comprised of four components. No programming and no installation. It is literally “plug in and use”!

The base/transmitter in the pool area is always alert and receives a signal when the life guard’s tube, equipped with a SOS sensor, hits the water. It will alarm in the pool area and in a remote location where the receiver and siren are plugged in. The system can expand to accommodate two pools and distinguish which pool is alarming. You can use as many SOS sensors as needed or add mountable panic buttons.

The system is now being used in 100’s of YMCA’s across the country. RJE recently introduced AIA to private sports clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs and to rehab facilities using aquatic therapy.

Contact: Corinne M Zemla VP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 949-943-3349 ext 29