About RJE Technologies, Inc.

RJE Technologies, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of RJE International, Inc. (www.rjeint.com) whose rich history started in 1991 with sonar based navigation and search equipment. RJE is the world’s leading supplier of advanced diver sonar navigation equipment to the military. RJE also provides the underwater locator beacons for the black boxes on aircraft.

The decision to branch into aquatic safety was a natural progression for the company who’s technology was life saving. RJE decided right at the beginning to treat aquatic safety as a science with a systematic and professional approach to technology development, performance and validation. SonarGuard Swimming Pool Security Systems was the first of many products that fulfilled the goal of saving children’s lives.

SonarGuard quickly became the benchmark for safety, creating an invisible sonar net to alert parents or caretakers immediately if a child entered the water. In 2004 SonarGuard was released and has documented 11 children saved. This professionally installed system became the choice of designers and was specified in schools, parks, aquatic centers and homes. In 2006 the success of SonarGuard prompted RJE to release AquaGuard, a consumer installed alarm that offered a two way remote. Again RJE revolutionized the market with technology.

In 2012 RJE acquired the Safety Turtle (www.safetyturtle.com) product line and quickly developed a system affordable and easy to use for YMCA’s, sports clubs, and schools. The Aquatic Incident Alert System provided a solution to calling “back up” or first responders when the life guard was in the water. This system has once again proven that RJE Technologies, Inc. is the leader in innovative products for Aquatic Safety. Safety Turtle continues to be a parents and pet owners solution to swimming pool safety.

RJE Technologies, Inc. continues to develop new products, fulfilling the mission to prevent childhood drowning.